Meet our Teams.

Data, Analytics & Computational Intelligence

The DACI team enables data-driven decisions across all verticals of Home Improvement retail by combining deep business expertise along with cutting edge tools supported by a highly scalable & robust Big Data infrastructure. DACI is a 400-member team spread across three geographies, with approximately 60% based out of India, enabling our enterprise to generate business value from data. DACI was recently awarded the “Best Data Analytics Team of the Year in 2019” by the Customer Data Fest Awards.

IT Digital

The IT digital team builds and maintains the eCommerce web site and its mobile apps that attract up to 10M visits/day. The teams use technologies like Java, Spring Boot, node.js, React, Docker, Kubernetes, Istio (service mesh), Elastic stack, Solr, ML, and data sciences to build fast, scalable and fault-tolerant applications. The IT Digital team has product and engineering teams co-located in the Bengaluru and Mooresville offices that seamlessly work together to provide world-class customer experience

Business Services

Business Operations is an extension of our core business functions at Lowe’s. This team supports merchandising, marketing, and supply chain in various areas that run the business. They act as business enablers through their diverse skillsets and have capabilities across graphic design, copywriting, instore space management, item data management, packaging design, planogram design, promotion, and supply chain optimization.

Teams under Business Operations are:

  • Merchandising – online merchandising, store environment, merchandising operations, and private brands
  • Marketing – email marketing and integrated marketing
  • Supply Chain – merchandise logistics management, vendor compliance, network optimization, and reverse logistics

Finance & Accounting

The 200+ accounting associates handle a range of Lowe’s US and Canada accounting operations. These include:

  • Transaction accounting: Ensures that all AP transactions for merchandise, returns, freight, and expenses are processed promptly and accurately, including the related vendor deduction chargebacks. Added responsibilities include T&E expense reports and all Vendor Setup and Maintenance activities.
  • Customer payment accounting – Global accounting for customer payments regardless of the tender type, including reconciliation, funding, and card chargebacks.
  • Inventory accounting – Ensures store and DC inventory audit results are reconciled and reported accurately in financials.
  • Cost/Margin accounting – Its responsibilities include the sales and margin accounting activities (ex: tracking/collecting vendor program funds, audit recoveries, and supply chain accounting.

Product Management

The product teams help build next-gen products and solutions in areas of enterprise pricing, promotions, competitive intelligence, store space planning & optimization, and Assortment planning & optimization. Together, these products are expected to deliver millions of dollars in operating income benefits in 2020 and beyond.


Order Management System is the backbone for processing Mobile and Web Orders, Contact Centre orders, and some of the stores’ orders. The OMS sits right in the middle of omnichannel retail. The team in Bengaluru has multiple responsibilities, including the management of the current legacy OMS; and building the in-house, ultramodern microservices-based OMS for our future needs.

The OMS is being developed using cutting edge domain-driven design principles, modern event frameworks, polyglot architecture, and opensource technologies such as Springboot2.0, Couchbase, React.js, Kafka, Postgres, GraphQL, ELK stack and modern infrastructures like Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI). The highly available and scalable new OMS will meet the growing needs of volume heavy sales events like Black Friday, accurately processing orders, error handling, and triggering prompt customer communications regarding order statuses.

Technology Corporate Services

The Technology Corporate Services handles the stewardship of systems in areas of payment, financial management, procurement, human capital as well as supporting the automation needs of the organization. The team in Bengaluru focusses on supporting the above solutions as well as modernizing some of these areas using newer technology.

One of the areas within Corporate Services is Payment Solution, which plays a vital role in processing customer payments w.r.t their purchases at Lowe’s. As part of modernization, Payment API systems are being built using a microservices architecture with open source technologies like Spring framework, React.js, Kafka. This initiative helps Lowe’s to introduce various selling channels by just accessing the services from Payment API smoothly without any added effort.

Intelligent Automation is another key area within Corporate Services, wherein we provide automation solutions for the business using a combination of tools and technologies related to RPA, AI, OCR/ICR, and NLP.

Lowe’s International

The eCommerce websites have contributed significantly to our revenue since the first website was launched in 2012. was one of the first Canadian eCommerce sites offering a ship to home model, ahead of our competition. was also one of the first in the market, offering the BOPIS model and local store truck delivery for all items such as lumber and building materials. is currently in an all-new Cloud platform, the work for which is done predominantly from Lowe’s India.


The team helps Lowe’s merchandising businesses to drive sales/profitability by building intelligent, flexible, and interconnected technology to make Lowe’s the destination for home improvement.

The team has reimagined our software products, taking advantage of the latest tech trends, and replacing package-based solutions across merchandising portfolios. The product and engineering teams build and manage world-class solutions in the merchandising domain areas such as Vendor Management, Product MDM, Price, Promotions, Space & Assortment Optimization, among others. using best practices of Agile & DevOps methodologies. The team also uses platforms that enable them to build cloud-first/container-based distributed microservice applications. The teams use a wide variety of opensource technologies as per fitment.

Supply Chain

The supply chain team manages the entire supply chain value system encompassing transportation, distribution/delivery, inventory, logistics, imports, warehousing, inbound planning, demand forecasting, among others. The team is building bespoke solutions built on modern frameworks and latest, scalable technologies.


The Stores IT Engineering team is one of the strategic teams that deliver various products used by customers as well as store operations associates.

With close to 200 knowledgeable technologists in our stores’ engineering team, they work on mobility, selling, orders, order fulfillment, workforce management, infrastructure & security management, platforms, and products. With 2200 stores geographically dispersed across the US and Canada; 100’s of mobile devices per store, and 10’s of checkout registers, our engineering team deals with a different level of scale and user experience complexity. Our engineering team builds cloud-agnostic workloads, which then could be deployed within the stores micro cloud, private data center cloud, or public Cloud, based on the business need. In some cases, our teams deploy the workloads to the extreme edge, like registers, cameras, among others.

The team has a world-class stores lab setup at Lowe’s India that promotes high-quality deliverables as well as innovation.

Cloud Engineering

Cloud Engineering is at the core of technology modernization at Lowe’s. The function is responsible for business adoption, end-user experience, and value realization from Cloud. The team works on the best of breed technologies to bridge the business requirement with an optimum technical solution. The principal aim of the function is to build capacity to drive Automation towards operationalizing life-cycle activities of a cloud journey – including onboarding, designing & building, testing, deploying, and supporting workloads moving into Cloud. The team focusses on building tools and products for migration to Cloud, automated performance engineering, support, and governance of Cloud deployments. Our cloud engineering further plays a vital role as a technology collaborator with our other platforms teams to expand the collective capability of the company to leverage cloud-native capabilities to leapfrog the technology adoption journey.

Middleware & Mainframe Engineering

The 180+ member team works as a bridge between almost every solution team and is part of most of the technology initiatives in some capacity. The team comprises of Integration (data, application, services, and web), API management, database (traditional, NoSql, and open databases) and mainframe engineering verticals supporting Stores, Merchandising, DACI, Supply Chain, Digital, Corporate, OMS and International teams on various solutions needs.

They are in a massive technology transformation phase and are utilizing various futuristic, scalable, and trending technology stacks in Talend, Apache Camel, Google Cloud, Hadoop, Google Apigee, Confluent Kafka, NoSql database (Couchbase, Mongo, Casandra) to name a few. The primary focus currently is to completely move to the newer technologies by sunsetting the old technology stack and modernizing service offerings in a way that majorly focuses on smart monitoring and self-service capabilities.

Operations Command Center (OCC)

The OCC team does round the clock system monitoring (also known as – eyes on the glass) and provide technical issue resolution. This team includes professional engineers from various technology streams and operates 24×7 to support stability of our systems. They support initial triaging of any systemic issues, try to resolve it, and escalate if necessary, to engineering teams.

IT Service Management (ITSM)

The IT Service Management team at Lowe’s provides the procedural framework, best practices, governance and reporting for various IT processes that are involved in the end to end life cycle of all IT services: commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning. It includes functions such as Incident, Problem, Change, Configuration Management, Service Level Management, Reporting, Service Continuity, Service Request Management, Knowledge, Quality, Capacity Management, and Service Introduction.

IT Infrastructure

The IT Infrastructure at Lowe’s India focuses on developing the IT road map for our business and manages the infrastructure technologies, right from implementation to life cycle management. They do so by applying and sharing an in-depth understanding of the company and industry methodologies, policies, standards, and controls for the infrastructure towers like OS Platforms, Database, Network, Storage, Cloud, etc. Besides, the infrastructure team provides consultation and technical advice on IT infrastructure planning, engineering, and architecture. The team uses various ultramodern technologies in each of the engineering towers.