What are the odds of a girl who went to school in a bullock cart, hailing from a tiny village in the Kerala-Tamilnadu border, becoming a strong pillar of the finance team of a Fortune 50 company in India? Seetha’s story is an inspiration to women who aspire to be beyond what they are and what could be!

Always a pleasure to approach, Seetha strongly believes that it is her vibrant, energetic and passionate team and the people of Lowe’s India that bring her to work every day – “it is like my second home!” Seetha and her team supports the business through accounting and reporting, treasury, tax, payroll, accounts payables, and FP&A, at Lowe’s India.

As the only woman in the finance team, Seetha feels that she has never been given a special consideration by her colleagues or the leadership, and neither has she ever asked for it. The team pitches in together when the call of duty arises, and are close knit like a family. Gender diversity at Lowe’s India, where women are given equal opportunities to grow, challenge and excel, is the one thing Seetha is extremely proud of.

Her support system is her strength and she is proud of where she comes from. She attributes her success to her parents who instilled the right values in her, her grandmother who is her guardian angel, and her husband, who is her childhood friend and pillar of support. At Lowe’s India, work and life are given equal importance, and Seetha vouches that she is able to be successful both at work and at home because of the flexibility at the workplace and a team that has her back!

Seetha says that the Lowe’s purpose is a powerful statement that unites us as a company, drives a sense of responsibility and ownership, and ultimately delivers happiness to our customers, and believes that her team has imbibed the Lowe’s purpose and values, and ensures to live it each day.

Seetha is one of the Lowe’s India Pioneers, having been with the company since its inception. A trained classical singer who participates in fun events, she is also a Lowe’s Hero who supports and participates in community building through Lowe’s corporate social responsibility programs.