Trust and respect are the two cornerstones that influence my choices in life.

Given that Lowe’s purpose is about family & relationship, my values have found a perfect match.

In my 17 years of work and personal life, one topic that has survived generation X, Y & Z and continues to be talked about is work-life balance. My two cents on it – work and life are not two separate concepts and work is a part of life. There are times when personal life takes precedence – for example, I took a break of 2 years after my daughter was born- that was important for me at that point in time. I could have stressed myself out by thinking about how my management batch mates would get ahead of me in the corporate race! And there have been times, when my family has supported me through late hours when I worked through the nights on merger & acquisition projects.  An organization also plays an important role by supporting its employees through the crests and troughs of life. Professional and personal lives are linked- a bad day at work translates into a grumpy partner or sibling! At Lowe’s, we pride in calling ourselves a family. A family that trusts, respects and understands each other, stays together.

Long walks and treks with my family, taking time out to explore new places and new forms of art, reading about people, history, crime thrillers, watching comedy on Netflix with my daughter are some of the ways in which I rejuvenate myself to take on another bright new day.

People intrigue me, and new experiences keep me inspired about life. As we build our organization, each day brings in something new and something different. I urge each one of you to look around and see how we can make our organization better each day!