Lowe's is 'All-In' to support India in these times of crisis

Mohith Mohan
Senior Director – HR

We are on a war footing the war against a microscopic enemy that has wreaked havoc on humanity. The second wave of the pandemic has been devastating. The entire team at Lowe’s offers our thoughts and prayers to the bereaved and those impacted due to this new strain of novel coronavirus in India. 

For over 100 years, Lowe’s has been serving customers to help them build their homes, becoming synonymous with home and home improvement itself. We all know that a home is something deeply personal and emotional to an individual. But we also know that ‘home’ is not just a physical structure and its constituents but also the people who live inside the walls and memories they create. 

Lowe’s commitment to take care of its people and communities transcends boundaries, and whenever there has been a call for help, Lowe’s has been at the forefront to address it. 

Supporting our associates

As each of us navigate these extremely trying times, many of our associates are either personally battling the virus or taking care of family and friends who’ve tested positive. Some are miles away from their dear ones and are doing their best to support them from afar. We understand that the situation is also taking a toll on many associate’s health and mental well-being. To support our associates during this time, we’ve introduced specific measures to ease their lives. 

Support in managing the situation: 

  1. Caregiver leave: Our associates can avail of special caregiver leave to take care of family members who’ve tested COVID-19 positive.  This is over and above the existing COVID-19 leave which can be availed in case an associate themselves test positive
  2. Health care support at home: We understand that there may be instances where our associates may have to avail COVID-19 treatment at home and may not require hospitalization. In such a scenario, we offer reimbursement towards such COVID-19 related expenses incurred by an associate towards self and/or immediate dependents
  3. Salary advances: As an additional support for Lowe’s associates during these challenging times, we are also providing financial assistance to our associates in the event of a medical emergency
  4. Healthcare support: Through our partner network, Lowe’s associates and dependents have access to unlimited online doctor consultation including COVID-19 support, online medicine delivery, and home sample collection for COVID tests
  5. Health Kits: To ensure our associates have some basic healthcare material at hand, we will also be dispatching a ‘healthcare kit’ at their residence, no matter what part of India they live in 
  6. At Lowe’s India, we have created a platform where associates can volunteer themselves as plasma donors and help donees in these times of need. 
  7. Lastly, in these times of distress, we also encourage our associates to prioritize their and their families’ emotional, mental, and psychological well-being needs and reaching out to counselors through our ‘Associate Assistance Program’, as needed. 

Vaccination support: 

  1. We understand that health care is a personal choice, and we support each associate’s decision on what’s right for themselves and their families. We are helping those who want and can be vaccinated by removing barriers such as cost and access to validated information
  2. In addition, Lowe’s India plans to conduct vaccination drives for associates and their dependents, subject to government guidelines. 

Supporting our communities

At Lowe’s, we are focusing our resources, skills, connections, technology, and voice to provide a global response to this catastrophe. Our teams are working round the clock and are in constant touch with the local authorities to understand the on-ground needs and where we can help. 

We know that we can only address this humanitarian crisis collectively. Therefore, we evaluated the need to focus our efforts on areas where the most help is needed. We are partnering with various NGOs and civic/administrative bodies to ensure that timely aid reaches the needy, including the underserved. 

With the rising COVID cases, we knew that there would be added pressure on the frontline workers, and they need the necessary gear to ensure their safety. With that in mind, our Lowe’s U.S. team has shipped thousands of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kit materials (including face shields, gloves, and masks) to India for the use of frontline workers who are working tirelessly to keep us all safe and healthy. Additionally, Lowe’s U.S. team has donated $5 Million (INR __37__crores) towards COVID-19 relief directly to Indian NGOs as well. These funds will support the procurement of medical equipment, oxygen concentrators and cylinders, setting up oxygen generation plants, and conduct vaccination drives for the underserved. Moreover, Lowe’s India will support two Government-run hospitals for COVID relief, which includes ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Beds, oxygen cylinders, and concentrators. Lastly, Lowe’s India will also help install an oxygen plant (to support 100 beds in a Government Hospital) as part of its COVID relief efforts.

As the old maxim goes, no one is safe until everyone is safe should be how we must act. The only way we can get through this is through constant vigilance, keeping a close watch on COVID discoveries, supporting our communities, taking vaccination when our turn comes, and by being united and taking swift action. 

We are known for our resilience, and together we shall get on the other side of this crisis.