As a child the first thing I drew was a square headed figure; apparently a Robot (my parents tell me this). Little did I know that when it was time for college, I would invariably pick Computer Science as my major. I loved coding and debugging, so that was a good start.

I started my early career in Singapore as a shell script developer later moving to Perl, until one day a colleague enlightened me on Java servlets (for the millennials and all you JS experts reading this don’t judge my generation -please!)   I picked up Java swiftly and started developing using Extreme programming techniques and till date this been the most rewarding period of learning for me. I feel the first decade of one’s career steers the compass in the misty sea of choices and observing, absorbing and learning is key.

As my career progressed, I was one of the youngest members of the eLearning team/faculty in the Institute of Systems Science in Singapore where I was hired to build their in-house e-learning platform.  While the platform was being completed, my ex-boss proudly announced one day that I would be leading the Web Services consulting group.  The announcement was quite un-nerving for me, as I was the less experienced member of the group and had to deal with big names in the industry, influence technology decisions and also run large consulting/training programmes.  After much deliberation, I picked the opportunity, collaborated and put in my best.  That year my consulting team came tops in revenue generated and I surprised myself. This experience left a strong impact on me; it’s important to seize the moment. Carpe diem!

In the past, I tried to be perfect with everything I do, but with age and wisdom it has dawned upon me that I’d rather spend time with family, or exercise or listen to music after a hectic week than worry about a messy cupboard.  I prioritise my backlog on a daily basis and don’t spend time being perfect. I’ve also realised that giving away some tasks that don’t matter to me in the long run and asking for help (it’s perfectly okay) helps.

I manage a lot of tough situations including setbacks through my sense of humour and looking at the big picture. I enjoy the movement in travel, but I also enjoy the stillness in a beach at sunset. Nature keeps me grounded and music keeps me sane (especially when the white-topping work near Manyata Tech Park never ends!)

One of my main aspirations to join Lowe’s was the sense of inclusion, respect and sense of empowerment I saw and received during the interview process, the various chats with the leaders, my peers and associates I met.  I truly believe that Lowe’s is an inclusive environment and conducive to “anyone” who wants to pick an opportunity to make a difference. I’m loving every bit of my journey here and hope to have an enriching experience.