Being Curious and having an insatiable desire to learn opens a lot of avenues.

I graduated from Bangalore University with specialization in Accounting and if I had stayed confined to what I studied I probably would have stayed in Finance throughout my work tenure.

I started my career with Hewlett Packard in the Finance team and did 9 different roles in the 6 years that I worked there. I was learning a lot and I felt like I owed the organization a lot in return through my contributions.

The perfect set of circumstances don’t exist, we have a role in creating it for us.

Over the years I worked for US and Indian Retail organizations, most of them went through massive changes & transformation to keep up with the evolving consumer and retail environment. I went through my most important personal milestone of being a mother while managing these changes at work. I had a choice to blame all the changes or be in-charge of driving these changes. Leading with an intent to solve and not blame, is important.

Have the right allies and mentors to help

Many times in my career I have hit the fork in the road and I had to choose the path forward. I am grateful to the Leaders who have coached, guided and given me some of the soundest career advice when I needed them. It is important to build a trusted set of allies or mentors that can help not just through these decisions but also through challenges at work.

Invest in building a strong team

From the time I transitioned to the leadership role, I have always spent considerable time in building the right team. Having right people in the right role is critical because it is eventually the team that makes everything work. This is the foundation that will determine what we can build.

Create a culture of grit

During my first leadership role, I remember being extremely passionate about the organization goals and working tirelessly towards it, but the results were far from being great. It is more important for your team to feel that passion in order to collectively achieve those goals and that was missing. Instilling the right sense of purpose and methods to continuously improve are key towards building that culture of grit.

Lowe’s as an organization provides me the autonomy, empowerment and support to pursue my goals. What’s the one thing that sets Lowe’s apart? Everyone is treated fairly and without any differentiation. I’d say that’s half the battle won!