Raised in Dehradun, I did my schooling at Convent of Jesus and Mary, a 120-year-old institution with a legacy of educating girls on strong moral and social values. I draw a lot of encouragement and direction from what I learned at school. Being the eldest child of a joint family of 15, I was overly pampered and protected, but losing my mother at an early stage taught me some remarkable life lessons.

I moved to Delhi post my studies and started working. Not only workplaces, but I also moved cities, and every change made me work hard to establish myself in a new environment. It gave me fresh perspectives, and I grew both personally and professionally.

I got a six sigma blackbelt certification from ASQ, and that changed my course of work from Operations to Quality. Through my experience of working with diverse organizations, I garnered a wealth of knowledge and experience:

  • A strong value system at Tata’s,
  • Running massive transformation programs in a mammoth organization such as IBM,
  • Setting up an internal consulting function in a large and complex organization like EY,
  • And learning a great deal about retail operations at Target.

It was at Target that I got the opportunity to lead an RPA program that gave me a new direction on problem-solving possibilities with the help of technology. In my overall experience of Six Sigma/Lean expert, the one thing we always spoke about was solving a problem proactively and what better way than automation to address this. ANZ furthered my belief in the concept, where I saw how a program could be hugely successful with a strong vision.

I lead the RPA Process work for Lowe’s at our Bangalore office. At Lowe’s, I see might, potential, opportunity, and commitment to do the best we could and give an excellent experience to our customers.

Few things I learned through the journey and continue to practice at Lowe’s –

  • Take risks, challenge your limits – Complacency is comfortable, but for growth, it is vital to take risks. Like Sir Richard Branson says, If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity, but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!” Skydive, Bungee, do whatever that excites you!
  • Be Relevant – With the everchanging landscape, leaders need to continually adapt, so invest in yourself and keep learning new skills. The need of the hour is to be a hands-on leader.
  • Have a mentor – It is a great opportunity available to learn from someone who has walked the path before you. Mentors can facilitate professional networking, enable you to focus on your goal, and be your sounding board in some instances.
  • Nurture bonds  – We spend a lot of time at work, and our colleagues are our second family. Cultivate friendships/confidants in people at work or off work; they could be an immense support system during stressful times. 
  • Take time off – Pursue a hobby or whatever you like to do. Plan your time off periodically, come back rejuvenated to work. I got smitten by traveling, and now I explore a new country or a city each year. My solo travels, in particular, have made me humbler and more respectful towards different cultures and ethnicities. It has helped in putting in the right perspective of emotional intelligence when I interact with various personalities at work.

Lowe’s has recognized the values I have mentioned above. I feel privileged to witness tremendously engaged leadership to make Lowe’s a great place to work. There are enough and more avenues created to tinker with ideas and bring about the finest results. Especially as a woman leader, I feel empowered in an organization that creates a level playing field paving a path for our brighter future.