Kunal leads the Merchandising Category Analytics team at Lowe’s India. The team analyzes and provides meaningful insights, with recommendations, on business challenges. It supports the merchandising and finance functions across locations and channels, to enable superior data driven decision making. Additionally, the team also works on building different analytics solutions, thus completing the 360 degree outlook towards merchandising support.

Nearly 18 months into the journey with Lowe’s, Kunal believes the work capabilities in the India center have grown exponentially. Lowe’s investment in building an ecosystem that embraces the culture of innovation makes it an amazing place to work, and he strongly feels that the company is making the right decision and moving in the right direction. In Kunal’s own words, “2017, is going to be an exciting year for Lowe’s India.”

The best part of working at Lowe’s for Kunal, is the fact that they experience the larger impact, he and his team are making to the business on a daily basis. They come up with different strategies, measure and monitor their performance,and provide insights around different dimensions. They help understand if customers are willing to participate in newer initiatives, helping merchants make decisions on whether to continue promotions or come up with better strategies, resulting in a stronger business impact.

Hailing from a retail background, the Lowe’s purpose is ingrained in Kunal, though there are no physical Lowe’s stores in India. The business is around a life changing event of owning a home and Lowe’s is a one-stop shop for a dream home – this is a feeling that does not change for anyone, irrespective of which part of the world they are from. As he is personally going through this phase in his life now, he understands how important and relevant the Lowe’s purpose is, and that he and his team are indeed working towards helping people love where they live.

Ending our conversation with Kunal, he lets in on a secret addiction (no pun intended) – he loves taking care of his health, and he attributes his new passions to be running and gyming. More power and a wonderful health to you, Kunal!