Chirag leads the Analytic Development and Operations Team at Lowe’s. The primary role of the team is to develop new data sources to enable analytics at Lowe’s. They source structured and unstructured data into the discovery ecosystem and transform it in a way that analytics teams can consume it. His team manages data quality, standards & security in Discovery Eco-systems and partner with the analytics teams in the discovery process, and provide data and technology expertise.

Chirag’s team steps in with their technical expertise with tools and help in developing new reporting solutions using latest BI tools Lowe’s has invested in. His team works on developing self-service analytic solutions, so that the analytics teams can focus on newer opportunities. They work with the other analytics teams to make processes stable, standard and automated so that it is forwarded to IT BI&A teams to put it in production.

Another critical function which this team performs is managing sales forecasting processes in partnership with the global team. As the process owners, his team is involved in the development and maintenance of various forecasting processes and develops/computes baseline numbers, solicit inputs from business owners, processing and publishing of forecast numbers for business consumption.

Chirag believes that even though they don’t meet the end customers directly, their work indirectly contributes in multiple ways for improving customer experience. In partnership with other Analytics teams, his team contributes to projects for different functions in the organization, thereby living the Lowe’s purpose through the work they do.

On a lighter note, Chirag is a man of smart words. When asked about a secret that no one knows about him, he said he is an open book, but not everyone has read all the chapters. Well, time to scratch our minds to interpret the hidden pages in his book!