At Lowe's, innovation in the complex realm of Home Improvement Retail goes beyond new technologies and trends. We believe true innovation is rooted in simplicity, logic, and practicality. Our approach focuses on both advanced tech solutions and redefining work methods, especially in areas like merchandising, supply chain, and store operations. In 2022, we formalized this through 'Catalyze,' our flagship initiative fostering innovation. This platform nurtures internal and external ideas that can drive business impact across various sectors. We're seeking dynamic partnerships with startups and academia to fuel our innovation portfolio and elevate Lowe's competitive edge.

Five Focus Areas

The selection of these focus areas depends on the nature of the business, its goals, and the market it operates in.

Immersive Omni-channel

Lowe’s leads in global home improvement retail with seamless omni-channel experiences for anytime, anywhere shopping.

Accelerated Fulfillment

Adapting to swift same-day deliveries, Lowe’s uses AI/ML and automation, overcoming supply chain disruptions to ensure timely orders.

Future Homes

Evolving technology reshapes home living; Lowe’s envisions sustainable, smarter homes with AI/ML, AR/VR, and innovative materials.

Media & Marketing

Launched in 2021, Lowe's One Roof Media Network (LORMN) empowers partners with data-driven marketing, driven by real-time trends.

Pro Customers

Tailored for contractors, Lowe’s Pro customers benefit from AI/ML and Metaverse innovations, simplifying shopping and enhancing efficiency.

What's in it For You

Scale your Solution with A Fortune 35 Retailer

Lowe's Catalyze helps you partner with one of the largest retailers in the world to scale your solution and leverage Lowe's vast resources and customer base to grow your business.

US Market Expansion Possibilities

Take your company to the next level by tapping into a vibrant US customer base through Lowe’s and expanding your business in the US market.

Pilots and Long-term Relationships with Select Startups

Unlike other accelerator programs that work on a cohort-based model, Lowe's Catalyze looks at startups all year round and aims to build a long-term relationship that is not restricted to just a POC/Pilot.

Mentorship Support from Senior Lowe’s Leaders and Functional Subject Matter Experts

Lowe's Catalyze helps you leverage the industry expertise of experienced Lowe's leaders and SMEs and get guidance on improving your solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions


Catalyze is the innovation arm of Lowe’s India. Our team works towards delivering exponential impact for Lowe's by partnering with startups and academia working with emerging technologies.

Though we are stage agnostic, but we prefer startups who already have a prototype solution in hand addressing the business challenge.

If you feel you have a relevant solution, then yes you can apply to any number of business challenges as you want.

You can reach out to us at

We want to build long-lasting relationships with startups. If we find your solution relevant, our team will reach out to you to better understand your solution followed by 1-1 session with our business stakeholders. And if everything goes well, we will start with a PoC and then move towards a bigger pilot.

It doesn’t matter where you are registered. What matters is your solution. If you have one, then let’s talk.

We serve millions of customers weekly, so you can imagine the scale at which we operate. And yes, we will be testing your solution for scale and stability in a real-world environment.