An interview with Rakesh, senior manager – IT Integration, Lowe’s India

Rakesh has been a part of the Lowe’s family for the last 3 years and heads a 100+ strong IT Integration team at Lowe’s India.

Lowe’s India IT Integration Team

How does IT Integration align with Lowe’s India’s focus on technology?

When Lowe’s started our India operations in 2014, our focus was to leverage the rich talent in Bengaluru to build our technology and analytics capabilities in-house. This focus was aligned to achieve our transformation to an omni-channel retailer with advanced web search, mobile and social systems.

IT Integration, being the backbone of any IT organization, demanded very skilled, committed and proficient people to create a strong presence and build capabilities that could enable our immediate stakeholders and in turn, our organization to achieve its goals.

Tell us more about your team’s growth story?

When we started this team in 2014, there were five members who till date remain our team’s pioneers! We continued to evolve and build a strong foundation for ourselves to grow beyond what is possible. We worked together to bridge the gap across geographies and deliver results to our stakeholders. We lean on each other when we need to and think beyond individual successes.

During this journey, we have had extended support from all the IT directors, my peer managers, the team members and our partners and stakeholders in our headquarters and Bengaluru. This has made us stronger as a team, a team which is integral in supporting Lowe’s core business and achieve its objective to become a leading omni-channel retailer. Our strength as an organization lies in this philosophy of “one team-different locations” and our team’s growth is a testament to that!

 Not to forget, we all are playing a significant role in our larger purpose – to help people love where they live. By every new idea and ways of thinking that each one of my team members brings to our department, we make a difference every day!

 What are the different technologies and platforms that your team works on?

We have built capabilities around Build, Service Delivery, Platform Services across ETL, Data Power, Message Queuing, Web Methods, EDI and Web Engineering technology towers.

How do you think your team live the Lowe’s purpose?

We are responsible for integrating services, data, platform, applications and businesses for Lowe’s. We are proud to be associated with every major IT assignment, which means, we support all the data used for business intelligence and analytics. For example, we support our supply chain systems and are an integral part of the omni-channel strategy supporting the order management system.

While our journey continues, we have now reached a significant milestone – we are now 100+ strong as a team! But who we are is what matters – we are a curious bunch of people, asking all relevant questions for improvement and always lookout for fresh thoughts and perspectives. For us, 100 is just a number!