Every year, Lowe’s makes a promise to our customers and to the communities around us. We fulfil this promise through the work we do, through our corporate social responsibility programs, and through our employees who we proudly call, Lowe’s Heroes, who volunteer to make a difference.

We have aligned our community giving and volunteer efforts with programs and partnerships that complement our core business. In India, our corporate social responsibility journey started in 2015. 

Every time, we have walked down narrow roads, proudly wearing our red vests, we have noticed people, their eyes filled with hope, smiling back at us. We focus on helping build communities, helping in the education of children from underprivileged backgrounds, and work towards protecting our environment.

We didn’t do all of this, alone. We have closely worked with our longstanding partner who shares our commitment to community improvement, education and environment, Habitat for Humanity. 

Together, we are hands-on and have our hearts in.

Read the Lowe’s India Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2018